New items at Papa John's: how to eat delicious food during self-isolation?

"Margarita", "Hawaiian", "Four cheeses"... All these pizzas can be found in almost any pizzeria. But what if you're tired of the traditional menu and want some variety? Papa John's constantly monitors trends. Take a look at what you have we have not only in Naples but also in other parts of Italy. At the end of the article, we will tell you about cool bonuses that you can enjoy not only yourself, but also your loved ones. What you need to know about self-isolation pizzaThe most common way for people with terminal diseases to no longer wish to eat food is through pizza. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, they find it difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle. Sometimes, their loved ones suffer from the disease, and they are forced to give up the delicious delights of their favorite pizza in order to meet the nutritional requirements of the strict grain-only diet. In such cases, pizza is the only way to go. The Papa John's menu has options for every taste: vegetarian, super-meat, with several varieties of cheese or seafood-disputes over the order are forever over. Lots of vegetables and their quality is top notch. Add pepper and sauce to the order — pleasantly. Work goes faster, and when you get home, you're full and don't have to go to the refrigerator for refueling.Pizza - the engine of progressPizza and technology have long gone hand in hand. It's hard to imagine how many inventions might not have happened at all if their creators weren't pizza fans. Voice-activated food ordering long before SiriIn 1974, specialists at the Artificial Language Laboratory in Michigan developed the first talking computer. TV people could not pass by such a sensation and offered to show live how the miracle machine works. Donald Sherman was invited to test the device — before he was unable to order pizza on the phone due to a speech disorder. The voice computer solved this problem. However, he voiced the entered text quite slowly, and it was possible to place an order only on the fourth attempt. But in the end, the whole team I got the coveted big pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, ham and sausages.Pizza maker robot and the first pizza botIn 1991, programmers at Carnegie Mellon University of Pennsylvania designed a pizza robot. After the voice command, he selected ingredients and expertly laid out the filling with his metal hand.In parallel, one of the American networks launched the first bot for ordering pizza. The idea seemed innovative: just call the same short number for the whole country and place an order. The computer processed the data and sent it to pizzeria within walking distance from the client. That's just a "short" number of 7 digits was not so easy to remember. In addition