The Last few Shops

The last three shops were congregated on the corner of two roads each overlooking the other and I suspect that often the owners would stand on the footpath’s eyeballing each other to see who was selling the most merchandise. I didn’t often go into the second shop because it was housed in a very old building that I often worried would collapse around me while I was in it. Today it had lots of objects on tables at the front on the footpath with a very bored looking young woman sitting on a chair watching the stock. When I walked over to have a look she looked up rather grumpily as if she was at a good place in a book and I was coming to interrupt her. I browsed through the things on the tables but then noticed hanging in the window was some beautiful old Chinese wind chimes which looked like they were over 100 years old. I asked the girl if she could go in and get them and bring them outside telling her I wasn’t willing to go inside because of the state  of the building. When she brought them out they were as beautiful as I thought they were, made of pure brass and engraved with some sort of Chinese lettering that was inlaid into the metal. The hook on the top was fashioned in the shape of a Dragon and the dome over the chimes look like a traditional pagoda. It was a very beautiful object but unfortunately unlike  my previous purchases this object was well out of my price range. I asked the girl to put it back in the window and commented that I will be back in a week to have another look if it hadn’t been sold. I told her that it would need to reduce in price significantly before I could afford it and she seemed to feel that the owner would be interested in making a deal. I didn’t have enough money on me that day but I’m hoping next week that I will be able to buy it at a price that I can afford.