More Antiqueing

This second shop was called  Staines and Stones which the owner had told me referred to the area he’d grown up in Brooklyn  New York. Over there he said antique shops were on every corner although they were really seen as antique shops but rather as pawn or thrift shops. He had immigrated to Australia in the early 70s and had  taken over the shop from the previous owners who have had it for two generations since 1927. The original shop was only one level with the owners living on the top level so that they could keep the shop open seven days a week. When he took it over he had converted the top level to shop space so now there were more goods in there than ever before. He did tend to specialise in larger silver and gold objects which in the past I have always found too expensive because the yuppies in the area had been coming in for the last few years and buying lots of things driving the prices up.  I checked through everything on the bottom floor and then made my way up a set of rickety stairs through to the upper level. Up here he tended to have more valuable objects so that it was harder to steal them. As I suspected much of it was too expensive for me but I did notice a beautiful silver candelabra with eight candleholders and a very ornate design. Surprisingly it was within my budget and I thought it would look good at the front of my market stand and perhaps draw customers over to have a look at my other goods. I purchased the candelabra and he showed me how to polish the silver before I left to make it look almost brand-new even though I suspect it was a good 50 years old. I then moved on to the last two or three shops which in the past and never really provided me with many things because they tend to be more modern and stylish.