Antique Shopping

For many years now I have enjoyed going into the city on weekends and looking for antiques that I can bring out to the suburbs and sell at the local markets. Over this time I have found many wonderful antiques and jewellery that I have successfully made a decent profit on when I’ve resold them to other customers. Usually I go to some of the more quirky suburbs around the centre of the city to find the more interesting antique objects because these are the old areas of town and much of the objects in the shops are from elderly residents. This past weekend I went to West End which has a whole street of antique and junk shops which have been there since the early 1920s and has provided me with many a valuable find in the past. I got there fairly early on the Saturday morning because many of the shop venders put out new objects first thing in the morning because they know most of the serious buyers will be there as soon as they open. I was on the lookout for small jewellery type objects because they sell well and are easy to transport and take care of ,causing little to no problem for storage. In the past men’s rings, women’s wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings have all proven popular amongst my clients. One of the first things that caught my eye in the first shop was a beautiful set of antique rosary beads which the owner assured me had belonged to a catholic nun who had lived up the street for many years but had passed away in recent times. It was a beautiful object and well within my budget, so I bought it along with a set of men’s cufflinks with gold inlay that I already had a client ready to buy. It was a very successful first shop to enter and I was feeling just as optimistic when I went into my favourite shop in the street , an antiques store run by a Jewish immigrant from New York.