Childs Room Decorating

My daughter has long since wanted her bedroom redesigned once she reached the age of 18 saying that it was too childlike and needed to be brought up to the  modern age. I guess that was her roundabout way of telling me that I was an old Foggy and really needed to get my act together. So last week we decided to tackle it as a father and daughter team and give her room a complete makeover so that she felt more comfortable bringing her friends over for the weekend. First we had to clean the room out which was no small undertaking given that she had crammed her drawers and cupboards full of old clothes as well as fully filling under the bed. We spent nearly 2 hours cleaning out the clothes and packing them in garbage bags to go to the goodwill, and I felt sick about how much those  clothes had  cost when they had been bought. We then pulled down the blinds and curtains to let a lot more light into the room. She wanted to hang a dream catcher in the window so that she didn’t have any bad dreams as well as it looked very funky. Her desk needed to be painted and she chose a wild yellow colour which when finished made it look like a canary was sitting in the corner. We had decided to pull up the carpet as well and have the floorboards sanded because we were lucky enough to have wide wooden floors under the carpet. Unfortunately the sanding was going to take a complete day and then another day drying so after we had finished cleaning up we had to wait another week before we could continue. So this weekend we have been out shopping and chosen new blinds and curtains as well as new linen for the bed so that the room will feel clean and crisp when we have finished. She does want to paint the walls,  but I told her that now the floors have been sanded it would be a bad choice because we could splatter paint on floors. She agreed and thankfully we won’t have to spend the money or the time painting.