Market Day

Most Sunday mornings a open a store with valuable knickknacks at the local markets. I’ve been running this stall for over 10 years and have become a well-known fixture of the market seen in my area. I usually always get the same location right next to the information centre and sandwiched between the gelato  stand and the coffee wagon. This is a particularly good place to be because it means that I always get the adults at the coffee wagon as well as the kids and their parents at the ice cream shop. Most of what I sell could be regarded as expensive curiosities but I prefer to think of them as priceless  antiques. Last Sunday I had a particularly good day because in the week before I had managed to pick up a number of retro fashion aprons from and embroidery shop which was going out of business.  I lay the aprons out on a large table in front of my stall and invited people to try them all to see if they fit well. Because they had a retro look  I had lots of ladies coming over to check them out. Many of them had the old-style rustles that everybody loves although I must admit it just reminds me of my grandmother. Lots of the patterns were very from the 50s and looked like they belonged in one of those old-style kitchens with the melamine tables and old chairs. Over about three hours I sold nearly 20 of them to a wide range of women and even a few men who wanted to buy them for their girlfriends who they thought would love the old style look and feel. It really was one of my most successful market days and made me aware that I could make money on soft objects as well as antiques and jewellery. During the week I will go back to the out of business embroidery shop and see if they have any more old stock that they want to get rid of. I may even consider selling things like old jeans in the future.